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The Panther Project lies within the Blackbird District just 3km east of Jervois’ Idaho Cobalt Operation and 3km to the northeast of the historic Blackbird Cobalt Mine. The estimated total endowment of the Blackbird District is 17Mt averaging 0.74% Co, 1.4% Cu and 1.0 g/t Au.

The 870-hectare Panther Cobalt-Copper Project is located approximately 30km west of the town of Salmon. The Panther Creek Road crosses the north-eastern corner of the Project, passing within 200m of the old Sweet Repose Adit.

The Panther Project has undergone small-scale past production at the historic Sweet Repose Mine where Co-Cu mineralisation and lithologies similar to those at the Blackbird Mine have been identified.

The project was actively explored between 2017 and 2018, when ePower Metals Inc (now Prime Mining Corp) collected a total of 1,534 soils samples, 53 surface rock samples and 29 underground samples. The work confirmed wide-spread soil anomalism and three high-priority prospects that contain high-grade cobalt, copper and gold mineralisation. The prospects include:

Figure 1. Location of Koba’s Panther Cobalt-Copper Project

Little Bear Prospect

First identified in 2018 when a mineralised horizon containing Cu-As oxides was mapped over 150m and estimated to be approximately 1.5m thick at surface. Extremely high-grade assays including up to 30.8% Cu, 0.27% Co and up to 19.3 g/t Au have been returned from the horizon. The better rock chip assays include:

  • 0.08% Co, 30.8% Cu & 21.9g/t Ag (rock chip);
  • 0.27% Co, 4.2% Cu & 10.4 g/t Au (rock chip);
  • 0.19% Co, 4.1% Cu & 7.8 g/t Au (rock chip); and
  • 0.27% Co, 2.4% Cu & 19.3 g/t Au (rock chip).

Figure 2. Prospects and rock chip sampling locations on cobalt-in-soil geochemistry image

Little Dear Creek

The historical Little Dear Creek Prospect located in the centre of the Panther Project comprises a small collapsed adit, together with a series of excavations in outcropping Cu-Co mineralisation that extend over approximately 200m and coincide with Co-Cu-As soil anomalism that extends over 1,000m. Better channel and rock chip samples include:

  • 0.37% Co, 1.75% Cu & 3.1 g/t Au (rock chip);
  • 3.0m @ 0.22% Co, 1.15% Cu & 0.42g/t Au (channel sample); and
  • 0.5m @ 0.17% Co & 0.16% Cu (channel sample).

Little Dear Creek West

Little Dear Creek West is located approximately 600m west of the main Little Dear Creek Prospect and is mapped within the same mineralised geological unit. There are several historical prospecting pits mapped over approximately 150m with Co-Cu-As soil anomalism extending over 1,000m encompassing the two Little Dear Creek Prospects. Better rock chip results include:

  • 0.27% Co, 2.7% Cu & 0.87 g/t Au (rock chip); and
  • 0.04% Co, 2.8% Cu & 1.0 g/t Au (rock chip).

Soil Sampling

Project-wide soil sampling results show strong Co-Cu-As±Au anomalism through the centre of the Project, which coincides with the Little Bear and Little Dear Creek Prospects. This soil anomalism indicates there is additional strike potential particularly at Little Bear where cobalt-in-soil anomalism extends for approximately 1km east-west and over 1km further south of Little Bear.

Forward Work Plan

No drilling or geophysics has been undertaken previously at the Panther Project. The high-grade mineralisation in rock chip samples and extensive, strong, Co-Cu-As±Au soil anomalism illustrates the considerable potential to discover additional mineralisation at the Project.

Koba is planning additional geochemical sampling, mapping and geophysical surveying to help delineate targets for drilling.

Figure 3. Prospect locations on cobalt-in-soil geochemistry image

Figure 4. Prospect locations on copper-in-soil geochemistry image